What Oil To Use In Air Compressor?

What Oil To Use In Air Compressor

If you’re looking for a pneumatic device that transforms  mechanical
energy into potential energy and works to meet some kind of essential
job related to air pressure, then an air compressor is ready for your
service. Apart from industrial uses, this device is widely applied in garages, home constructions, mining, drilling, and domestic purpose where compressed air is essentially required. An air compressor forces enough air to the storage tank and once the air pressure of the tank reaches its upper limit, the compressor shuts off. In this way, stored air is used for different purposes, and once the air pressure comes to lower the air compressor turns on to fill the tank again.
In this article, what you’re going to see is to keep the air compressor fit for longer use. Perhaps, applying oil is one of the ways for the well-being of an air compressor. Let’s follow-

What Are The Reasons For Using Oil In Air Compressor?

If you want your air compressor to work efficiently with much-needed smoothness and ease then you have to apply some specific kind of oil to the air compressor. The oil is used here as a lubricant that reduces the friction between the components in the pump of the air compressor. In this way, the compressor produces less heat followed by consuming less energy only to provide longer life. Although there are some kinds of compressors where oil is not essentially required as they are pre-lubricated and thus you don’t need to change the oil from the machine.

If your air compressor essentially requires lubricating oil and as there are different brands of oil available on the market, it is quite tough to select the best one for your air compressor because each of them has something good to offer. Now the question obviously comes to your mind, what oil to use in an air compressor? Therefore, you need to follow all the aspects of some of the leading brands to choose the right one. Here they are-

What Is Air Compressor Oil?

Air compressor oil is a kind of lubricant that is used to prevent wear and tear to some of the parts of the compressor. This oil can be of two types- synthetic and natural and even it varies in terms of viscosity and additives they contain. The air compressor contains very little carbon and sulfur and there is no detergent in it.

Does Air Compressor Need Oil?

As an air compressor is not less than an engine, it requires oil to lubricate all the components that it is equipped with. The oil works to keep the temperature cool inside as overheating could damage the motor of it quite severely and cost you a good amount to repair or replace it following the condition.

What Are The Types Of Air Compressor Oil?

As I said earlier there are two types of air compressor oil and both of them have their own features and benefits. They are-


If you’re a professional and require using your compressor quite frequently, synthetic oil is the right thing for you. Made of the synthetic base, and gone through a lot of processing only to make it more refined than the other type. It helps your machine to run smoothly without creating any noise and also protects the engine from overheating.


This type of compressor oil is for those who use the compressor for their domestic purposes and therefore the machine is not working continuously. This type of compressor oil is made of mineral oil base and used only in light or medium-duty works. Besides, this type of oil is cheaper than synthetic oil.

Mineral Or Synthetic- Which Is Better?

If you compare the two types of air compressor oil then it will be unfair to pick one over the other as both of them are used for different purposes. If you consider it for heavy-duty industrial works or frequent uses of your machine then the synthetic one will always be ahead of mineral oil. But as for the occasional use or any kind of light or medium-duty works then the mineral one is better than you.

How Often The Oil Is Changed In The Air Compressor?

It is not that every compressor has the same oil-changing schedule. In fact, it depends on the type and on the kind of machine. As we know that there are different types of air compressors so the changing time also differs from each other. For example, if it is Rotary Screw Compressor that you have to change the oil after every 1000-2000 hours of operation. But in Reciprocating Air Compressor the oil must be changed every 3 months. What I have said so far is the rule for the changing of air compressor oil. But if you want to keep the machine well and avoid necessary repairing on a major scale, then you should change the compressor oil at least once a year.

What Happens If The Oil Is Not Filled In Right Measure

If you don’t fill the air compressor with sufficient oil, then the compressor may break down soon. Because, without having enough oil the machine could not run smoothly and due to overheating for not getting much oil, the compressor can damage the engine.

On the other hand, if you put too much oil in the compressor some serious internal damage could happen not only to the compressor but the pneumatic tools and accessories that are attached to the compressor also go damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to fill your air compressor with oil in the right quantity following the manual of the machine.

What Are The Substitutes Of Air Compressor Oil?

In a situation when you could not manage to find the scheduled oil for your air compressor and seriously looking for some alternative, then a few things may help you to tackle the situation. There are three things good for this situation. They are- Motor Oil, Hydraulic Oil, and Automatic Transmission fluid. All of them not only keep the whole function smooth but also take care of a lot of things for the well-being of your machine.

Final Words

In this article, I have tried to provide all the necessary information regarding the air compressor and the oil that works to keep the compressor smooth and durable. Hope you find all the points that are relevant to this machine oil to keep your different devices and tools in perfect order. So, it’s time to bid Good Bye to you and all I can say is that we’re going to meet soon with some other exciting products. Au Revoir!!!

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