What Is A Hybrid Table Saw?

What Is A Hybrid Table Saw

Woodwork and carpentry job is one of the most essential ones that make your place look the best with all kinds of decoration that not only take care of the entire prospect but also keep in mind your requirements and the purposes. Only a carpenter knows how to change the appearance of a place with different types of wooden furniture or structures that certainly make you feel proud to be the owner of that place.

The tools and machines that are used for carpentry jobs can be both- automatic and manual. Manuals are required for the fine and finishing craftworks but most of the automatic or electrical tools are worked to make the structures that will convert into products later on. One such type of machine or tool is a Hybrid Table Saw

What Is A Hybrid Table Saw?

A hybrid saw is a convenient saw that is a combination of a cabinet and a contractor table saw. But as you know a cabinet saw is a heavier one and A contractor table saw is THE lighter one, but the hybrid table saw is something between them, it is On one hand, lesser than A cabinet saw and on the other hand, heavier than A contractor table saw. It is a kind of saw with A fully closed stand and a motor inside. Generally, it is equipped with a 1.4-2 hp motor that runs on A 120-volt American socket, but if it is connected with A 3hp motor it’ll turn into a more powerful socket. This power conveys to the heavy-duty circular blades or cutting parts that are attached to the cabinet used together to cut wood, plastics, and more of any size with ease and perfection. Besides, it also comes with the facilities of dust collection so that you could keep the machine clean.

How Does A Hybrid Table Saw Work?

  1.  The way a hybrid saw is manufactured makes this machine much in demand among the users. Because it significantly works better than any other saw for sure. The system of the hybrid table saw is attached with a circular blade to cut different materials that you need. It comes with a fence that keeps the pieces in and also controls the movements. The high-power motor helps to generate the speed of the blade so that you can get the job done in a quick time.
  2. This machine is an arrangement of different parts. There is a worktop to support the materials that you’re going to cut and a handle for the movement. Some of the high-end hybrid saws are equipped with a switch and brake to control the motion of the saw. The fully enclosed design helps the motor to stay inside and also to collect the dust inside.
  3. The single-v belt, multiple v-belts that are fixed with the motor of it allow the machine’s movement or rotation in full swing. Although this is not a so-called portable one, it is easier to operate, capable to handle a larger number of work, and also gives you more delicate or fine cuts of your requirements. Perhaps this is one of the lighter table saw that can be easier to move from one place to another around your place.
  4.  The table is made of cast iron gives much stability to the machine. You can see a riving knife just opposite to the blade to prevent kickback and in this way, it reduces the risk of an accident but provides high-quality woodwork. These all together make it an excellent choice for the users.
  5. The entire hybrid table saw comes with a specific size of blade. You cannot use a blade of the wrong size as it will not going to work at all. Most of the table saws use blades anything from 10” to 12” in diameter while some models use 8 ¼ “blades.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hybrid Table Saw?

The hybrid table saw is considered the best out of all the available similar options. There are some good things that you find in this model that certainly give you the desired benefits that you’re looking for. Let’s go through it.

Lighter Weight

This is probably one of the prime benefits of what is preferred by most of you. The lighter weight of this type certainly makes it more portable and you can adjust it easily as per your requirements. Additionally, the lighter weight allows you to move it from place to place and even to adjust the position of this machine.

Compact Size

A hybrid table saw is always found smaller and compact. This helps the machine to move around easily. Furthermore, it can be stored quite more easily than others as it requires smaller space to adjust quite conveniently.

Improved Cutting Technique

This is one more thing that attracts users towards it. As this table hybrid saw is a combination of both cabinet table saw and contractor table saw, it means this provides a smooth cutting edge and results in the best finish. If you’re using this saw for the first time then you need to know the way to handle it properly and only then the saw can provide you with the accurate cut of your choice.

Less Power Consumption

If you’re going to use any electrical device, the thing that certainly comes to your mind is its power consumption. Thankfully, a hybrid table saw requires 2hp to power the larger motors whereas a cabinet table saw needs 5hp for the same purpose. 

Lower Cost

This budget-friendly machine is easier to buy for those who cannot afford high-end materials and looking for a better product at a lower cost. It is known to all that a cabinet table saw and contractor table saw come at anything around $500-$1000. But a hybrid table saw costs less than $500 and that can be affordable for you.

Safety Measure

Apart from so many good things, this is one more to look for. The manufacturer of this machine ensures you that you’ll not face any danger while using it is equipped with a blade guard and the riving knife prevent kickback to deny any unwanted injury.

Bottom Line

What I have written so far projects the difference between a hybrid saw and a cabinet saw and shows that the former is much improved than the latter in various aspects. Moreover, after following all the features, functions, and benefits, hope you may come to know why you need a hybrid table saw in your workshopTherefore, without thinking too much, just put your right foot forward and go for it as early as possible.

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