[15 Everyday Uses] What Can You Do With A Heat Gun?

What Can You Do With A Heat Gun

Every crafter requires a heat gun. It's incredibly versatile, making it easy to complete the job faster. It doesn't produce flames, making it safe to use. Traditionally, people could only use a heat gun for painting projects. Thanks to advancements in technology nowadays, it has a new setting and features that enable it to perform multiple tasks. You may confuse it with a blow dryer. Though both produced heat, the heat from the hot gun is higher since it can reach 1000 degrees. That of a blow dryer remains at 140 degrees. Some of the features of a heat gun include the stand. When not in use, it rests on the stand. You can easily adjust the temperature. Don't underestimate the heat gun. Check its benefits below.

  • Paint Stripping

Do you want to remove the old paint and give your house a new touch? Or could be you want to correct a painting job that way done poorly. For whatever reason, you require the right tool to help you do the work easily and quickly. That's where the heat gun comes in handy. Though stripping off the paint from the wall is challenging, use a heat gun to make the work easy.

  • Removing Rusted Bolts

When your hardware gets old, the chance of getting rusty is high. If you try to remove the rusted screw or bolt using a spanner, the work may seem impossible. You require a heat gun to heat the bolt. Once the bolt expands, removing it becomes easier.

  • Remove Labels And Stickers

Do you want to reuse a container, but you are having a challenge removing the sticker and the label? Worry less; pass the heat gun over the label of your glass container. The glue and peel will loosen. After removing the stubborn sticker and label, you are free to use the container.

  • Remove Old Wallpaper

It's time to give your house a new look. Could be your main challenge is how you can remove the old wallpaper from your house. It can be tedious and time-consuming. With a heat gun, it can make your work easier. Use the lowest setting to avoid causing a fire.

  • Drying Wet Wood

Do you want to paint or file wood, but it's already wet or damp for some reason? You don't have to look for another wood. You can quickly dry your wood using a heat gun. Slowly move your heat gun over your wood several times until it dries. A temperature of 200 degrees is enough to avoid burning the wood.

  • Roast Coffee Beans

Did you know that a heat gun is a friendly tool for roasting coffee? After putting your raw beans in the roasting pan, it's easy to move your heat gun in a circular motion above the roasting pan. You can stir your bean and continue until you achieve your desired results.

  • Loosen Adhesives

Have you ever considered changing your bathroom tiles but didn't know how to remove them? The heat gun can help loosen the cement making it easy to remove. Again, if you have a bumper sticker on your car, the heat gun can loosen the glue, making it easy to remove it.

  • Sanitization

The heat gun is not only important in the workshop. Don't be surprised if you find it in the laboratories and hospitals. They use it to sterilize tools that they use for surgical purpose.

  • Culinary uses

Do you enjoy baking? You require the heat gun in your kitchen to help you melt the sugar and chocolate. You can also use it to toast various foods such as breadcrumbs, marshmallows, crisp skin, or even sear meat.

  • Clearing Foggy Headlight

How do you clear your foggy headlights? Don't waste time trying to open your headlamp to wipe it. Get a heat gun and pass it over the headlamp's face. The fog will clear immediately.

  • Melt Wax

If you like using a candle, you know how annoying it can be when the wax sticks on your table. That shouldn't bother you. Heat the wax with the heat gun using the lowest temperature. The wax will peel off. High temperatures can damage your table.

  • Drying Your Paint

After painting your wall, you should give it time to dry. If you want to finish working the wall faster f, you can dry the paint using the heat gun. You will work on your wall without messing the paint. Use the lowest temperature when drying the paint.

  • Stretching The Belt

Has your weight increased, and you can't find any fitting belt? Luckily, you don't have to incur an extra cost looking for a new belt. Take a heat gun, using a lower temperature, pass it over your belt then stretch it. The length will increase, giving you a room for the extra weight.

  • Thaw Frozen Pipes

You require a heat gun if the metal pipes in your home freeze regularly. Pass your heat gun over your frozen metal pipes slowly and steadily. Avoid aiming at one spot for long. If you have PVC pipes, look for alternative methods instead of a heat gun; it will melt them.

  • Insulate Windows

During winter, every person desires to feel warm. Imagine your window allowing the cold to creep in. With a heat gun, don't let that happen. With a heat gun, you can apply the vinyl sheeting on your window. That will protect you from the cold creeping in.

Wrap Up

You have no reason not to invest in a heat gun. Its multipurpose use makes it worth it. The professional crafters use them in their workshop; you can use it at home, in the kitchen. Practitioners use them in laboratories and hospitals. Removing any sticker is easy. It can help you remove the tiles quickly and faster. You can thaw your frozen metallic pipes with it as well as insulate your windows during winter. It can also help you dry the paint or even strip it off quickly.

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