How to Use a Hand Saw?

How to Use a Hand Saw

Every carpenter knows that a handsaw is a vital tool. When craving different objects, they require a handsaw to cut the wood into different shapes. Different types of saws exist. Some people like using a power saw. Unfortunately, a power saw can be dangerous, requires power to function, and it’s heavy. With a hand saw, you have no power concerns, and it’s portable. When purchasing a handsaw, check the teeth if they are sharp and if the blade is straight. It must have proper flexing, the blade temper, and a built-in tension. After purchasing your hand saw, here is how to use a hand saw.


Get the wood that you intend to cut. Since you don’t want the wood to move as you cut, secure it with woodworking clamps. There are available in local hardware stores. Measure the wood using a tape measure and know its size. Mark the where you want to cut using a sharp pencil and a square. Wear goggles since the sawdust may enter your eyes.

Grip Your Saw

Take your saw and place it on your wood on the line you intend to cut. Grip the handle, and don’t start cutting yet. When holding the saw, avoid being too tight or too loose since controlling your saw will be tricky. If you don’t have woodworking clamps, you can secure the wood with the other hand. Put it far from the saw to avoid an accident.

Cut The Wood

How to Use a Hand Saw


When you start to cut, don’t apply pressure at first. Begin to saw careful, ensuring that you are following the straight line. You can use another wood to help you cut straight. Apply some more pressure as you cut the wood smoothly and accurately. Keep on checking if you are following the right direction. If it’s not, level your saw on the cut line and continue cutting. If the sawdust covers the line making it tricky to follow the line, remove it first and continue. Once the wood is about to break off, you can apply lesser force and support it with one hand. Using excess pressure at the end can cause the wood to crack or splinter.

Here Are Different Types of Handsaws 

The Pruning Saw

The pruning saw helps you trim the plant well and remove bigger branches from the tree. Different types of pruning saws exist in the market. Some include; the handheld pruning saw, which helps you prune small plants.

Curved blade pruning saw helps you prune thicker branches in a single motion. Straight blade pruning saw enables you to cut the thinner branches, while the pole pruning saw has long handle helping you to cut higher branches.

When using the pruning saw, wear goggles since debris may enter your eyes. A long sleeve will protect your hands from the falling branches. You also require a hat to protect your head. Be careful with the pruning saw since its sharp teeth can cause injuries.

Folding Hand Saw

If you enjoy often sawing and like walking around with a sawing tool, you require the folding hand saw. You can easily carry it with your hand since it’s smaller, lighter, and versatile. You can prune with it and also cut through the wooden surface. You will find different folding hand saws in the market. Check their features and uses and decide depending on your intended purpose.

Electric Hand Saw 

Do you wish to accomplish your project faster? Get an electric hand saw. Technology has resulted in the innovation of electric hand saws that help you do much work with little effort. Some of the electric hand saw includes.

  • Chainsaw

If you have planted a lot of trees, you require the chainsaw. Whenever you want to fell a tree, the chainsaw will come in handy and make felling easier

  • Table Saw

If you are looking for a saw that makes the most accurate repeat cuts, the table saw is all you require. It comes in five main varieties. Your choice will depend on your preference. For instance, if you need a powerful saw with the most accurate cutting options available, buy a cabinet style table saw. It’s relatively expensive, and it’s not portable.

If you want a, saw with similar characteristics with the cabinet but a bit cheaper, look for the hybrid saw. Apart from being more affordable, it’s also lighter. Another powerful and large saw is the contractor table saw. Though it’s quite heavy, you can easily transport it to the site since the base has got wheels.

Another powerful saw is Jobsite. It’s lightweight and cheaper. That makes it a good option since transporting it to the site is easier. The fifth one is the portable saw; you can also call it “benchtop” saw. They are portable; hence you can carry it to the site using one hand. It’s cheaper than the four above and it also powerful. Unfortunately, unlike the heavier saw, the portable saw lacks greater accuracy.

Bow Saw

If you buy the new model of the bow saw, you will enjoy its durability and strength. If you want to make curved cuts, you require the bow saw. Its ability to turn 360 degrees makes it perfect for the job. There are different bow saws that you can buy. They include; Bahco 10-24-23 bow saw. Some of its features include, it has a great tensioner, lightweight frame and knuckle guard. Truper 30255 bow saw is another option. Its affordable has knuckle guards and a quality tension system.


Whenever you want to crave different objects, you require a hand saw. It’s a portable tool that you can carry to the site easily. You will not have power concern since you will operate it using your hands. When you want to cut the wood, do the right preparation first then grip the saw well. Such preparations include wearing protective gear, securing the wood, and marking the line you want to cut. When cutting the wood, start slowly, apply force in the middle, and apply less pressure. Since various types of handsaws exist in the market, purchase the right one based on its features and your intended use.

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