How to Make Faux Stained Glass- The Ultimate Guide

How to Make Faux Stained Glass

If you have a taste for arts, you already know how beautiful windows with stained glasses are. People associate stained glasses with rich people. Making window stained glass takes time, and soldering can be dangerous due to lead poisoning. Again, there is a lot of material that goes to waste. As a result, purchasing it from any stained glass store is expensive. Luckily, you don’t have to use your little investment to buy stained windows. You can make a faux one that will look like the original as you wait to get enough money to get the original. You don’t require any experience to create one. There is no danger involved either. The children can help you make a faux window. Here is the requirement.

What You Requirements

Being organized is useful when doing any project. Avoid rushing to the shop in the middle. Here is a list of items you need to get first before settling in your working station to avoid losing focus. They include

  • Piece of glass
  • Sketching materials- get a pencil and paper
  • window
  • Plastic blank
  • Liquid leading that is non-toxic
  • Non-toxic Liquid translucent window color that is water-based
  • Small spatula

Once you gather all the required items, get the right working station, and start the job. Follow these simple steps. Don’t worry if the design isn’t as perfect as you wanted. With a little practice, you will be perfect.

Draw/Trace the Design

Do you have any preferred design in mind? For beginners, avoid complicated design; instead, go for a simple one. Grab a pencil and sketch your design on a piece of paper. The paper should be big enough to cover each section of your window. Remember, if you draw an intricate design, the longer it will take to complete. The chances of running it are also high. Look for a book with designs if you have no clue or are not good at drawing. You can trace it on your paper using a pencil.

Trace In Plastic Blank

After sketching a perfect design, take a plastic blank and place it on top of your design. Don’t you have a plastic blank in the house? Purchase one from the bookshop before you settle. Or else, check if your disposable container has one. Use a liquid leading to trace your designs and leave it to dry.

Apply Color

What’s your favorite color? You may be shocked that after putting a beautiful color during the day, it may not be that beautiful in the evening or at night. If you are satisfied with their look in the day, Use an artificial light in the evening. Check if the appearance is good.

Using your selected color, apply it along the outline of your design. Some people shake the bottle before use to smooth it. Don’t make that mistake since it will have bubbles. Instead, use a small spatula.

Suppose you had drawn a flower, color the interior, and also the outer part. Leave it to dry. The time your design takes to dry will depend on how thick the application is. The average time should be 8 hours. Will the design be dry by then? Check and test. If you leave the design to stay on the surface for far too long, peeling it will be tricky. Chances of getting ruined are high. Once it dries, peel it off the plastic blank.

Do you want your window to look similar to antique lead glass? Here is the trick. Take a transparent color and apply it around your design. Thicken the color and be patient when waiting for the design to dry out. It will take longer.

Stick It On The Window

Clean your window first since the design can hardly stick to a dusty window. Take your design and place it on the surface of your window. If it fails to stick, take a wet towel, and damp your design a little. Avoid soaking your design with water. Place it on the window and press it to stick.

How to Make Faux Stained Glass



Lack of finances should not hinder you from getting a taste of stained glass on your window. Even as you invest, you can make a faux one that will make your window beautiful. It’s cheap and convenient to create one. No danger is involved, and you don’t require experience. The materials are available. Start by getting a beautifully simple sketch and draw/trace it on a paper. Put a blank paper on top, then color it. Peel off your design and put it on your window. If it fails to stick, clean your window first, and slightly dump your design using a clean wet towel. After that, enjoy having a “stained glass” window.

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