How to Make An Air Compressor Quiet?

If a question is asked to several people- what irritates you much? I am sure, most of you will answer- it is a noise. Yes, noise is a thing that is least appreciated by people while he is working or taking rest. Unfortunately, there are certain kinds of machines that work efficiently to manage many hard works of yours quite easily and in no time. But along with that, you have a common complaint against them for creating too much sound that of course, you don’t like.

The Beginning 

An air compressor is such a machine that is essential for you and most of you perhaps now own this machine at your home. There are different types of models of air compressors available in the market and apart from their efficiency, one common thing is must be seen in all of them and that is they are noisy and loud. Though there are some high-end brands with the least noise that cannot be afforded by everyone. Therefore keeping this idea apart, you have to know how to make an air compressor quiet. Let’s find out the ways.

The Level of The loudness of An Air Compressor

There are very few machines that don’t make any sound. There is no wrong with it. But if it beyond normal ranges then nobody could afford that. As for an air compressor, if it sounds below 70Db then you may have no problem tolerating that. But if the sound level goes up to 95Db which is intolerable. You may measure the noise level using an advanced Smartphone by installing a popular app for measuring the level of sound from the app stores.

The Reasons Behind Noise in An Air Compressor

There are different factors to generate noise in an air compressor. Here they are-

Size and Type

The size and type of an air compressor is the major factor to generate the amount of noise from it. If you have a bigger air compressor that needs a more powerful motor to pressurize the air This leads to a louder operation. Apart from that, some types of compressors that specifically designed to create lesser noise.


This is another issue for making noise. If the whole machine vibrates then normally higher noise would be created. There are different causes for vibration. If the air compressor is not fitted properly, there would be a good chance of vibrations. Besides, if the parts of the machine are not assembled rightly and remained loose, then the vibration may be seen higher. Moreover, if you place the machine on an uneven or hard surface, vibration may increases.


The quality of materials that are used to manufacture an air compressor plays a leading role in creating noise. For example, if you have a machine of a cheaper brand that is made out of thin low-quality materials, then obviously you’re going to face louder noise. But if your machine is from a popular brand then certainly it is made with thick quality materials and for that reason, the noise level remains in a lower range.

 Air Intake

The working process of an air compressor matches with a vacuum cleaner that intakes air when it on, as a vacuum cleaner sucks dust. Therefore, similar to a vacuum cleaner, an air compressor also creates noise while working.


Air exhaust is perhaps one of the loudest components of an air compressor. When the compressor is on it generates all the byproducts that come out of the exhaust only to create a lot of noise.

The Ways to Keep An Air Compressor Quiet

After following the reasons behind the noise, now you have to get some useful and convenient ideas about how to keep your air compressor quiet without compromising its performance. Let’s go.

Using Anti- Vibration Pads

As we discussed earlier, if you need to reduce noise, you have to stop your machine from vibrating. To make this happen you have to use anti-vibrating pads. Made with thick rubber grommets this works as a good insulator that can absorb unnecessary noise from the machine. Therefore using anti-vibration pads means reducing extra sound.

Attaching Intake Silencer

Air intake is also a process that creates noise. To stop this, you have to attach a silencer or a muffler to the intake pipe. This is quite an easy and useful method that helps to keep the compressor quiet.

Using Soundproof Box

A soundproof box is used here to put the air compressor inside of it. This works very well to keep your compressor silent. All you need to choose the soundproof box that matches the size and the design of your machine. Even you can manufacture this kind of box using plywood and then cover the entire box with a rubber pad to make it soundproof.

Covering With Sound Blanket

The sound blanket is similar to the thick layer of cover that is used to cover the sound boxes to prevent the echo. Here if you can cover the whole of your air compressor with a sound blanket it also works effectively to keep your machine calm. 

Fixing Longer Air Intake Pipe

You have to work on the air intake section of your compressor that creates much noise. You may fix a longer pipe and move it to the far outside so that the noise can go outer instead of echoing inside of your place. Even placing the air intake outside is also one of the simple ideas to keep the noise away. 

Lubricating The Bearings

There is no secret that your machine has some bearings that move in different directions when you run the machine. If there is some friction between the metals of those bearing, the heavy noise comes out of it. To prevent this you may apply some grease or some other lubricating products on those bearings properly. This will help you to reduce the noise for sure.

Final Words

In this article, I’ve tried to touch all the possible ways to make your air compressor quiet. Hope any one of those may provide you the much-needed relief from the painful noise. Good Luck!! 

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