How to Grind Stained Glass with a Dremel – Full Explanation

How to Grind Stained Glass with a Dremel


Dremel is a versatile tool that is vital when doing small repairs or even art and craft projects. If you visit any woodworking or metal shop, you can rarely miss it. It’s a multi-tool that comes with various attachments and accessories. The attachments make it possible to use the Dremel on multiple tasks such as grinding, cutting, polishing and sanding. Are you planning on grinding a stained glass but don’t have a glass grinder? Relax. Dremel has special bits that will help you grind the glass. Here are the steps you need to take.

Gather The Right Items

Before settling in your work station, you require the right tools to help you grind the glass. Some are available in your house others you may have to buy or even borrow from a friend. Check the list of the right tools that you require to gather below;

  1. Dremel rotary tool
  2. Diamond, tungsten carbide, or even silicon carbide tips
  3. Water and glass
  4. Plastic tub/towel and paper towel
  5. Wood or foam blocks (optional)
  6. Safety gear

Take Safety Precautions

Regardless of the project, you are undertaking; safety should always come first. Have you ever used Dremel before? If you just purchased it, read the owner’s manual first. Familiarizing yourself with it is vital. You can practice how to insert the bits and how to secure them safely. When inserting ensures that the Dremel is off. 

Wearing safety gear is another precautionary measure you need to take. You can’t grind with bare hands. You require sturdy gloves. Though when grinding you supposed to put the glass in water for safety, don’t take chances. Small pieces may fly to your eyes. That’s why sunglasses are vital. Keep the kids off your workstation for their safety. If possible even adults should not come near the bench, you are working on. Once satisfied by the safety measures, it’s time to get to work. 

Insert The Right Bits

You can either decide to use the Diamond, tungsten carbide, or even the silicon carbide tips in your Dremel rotary tool. Either of the bits will perform the task correctly. Safely secure either of the bids, to prevent it from producing excessive vibration when you are working. Ensure that it reaches the farthest part of your Dremel. 

How to Grind Stained Glass with a Dremel


Set The Glass

When grinding, the glass particles are likely to spill all over the place. In the worst-case scenario, they can jump into your eyes or nose. To prevent this from happening, you require setting the glass in the plastic tub or even on a paper towel. When using a Dremel to cut or even grind, ensure that the material you are working on is not moving. Your glass is not optional. Hold it firmly to ensure that it doesn’t move. 

Apply Water And Grind

Apart from preventing the glass dust from spilling all over, water helps to lubricate the grinding bit and cool the surface. With your sunglasses on, apply some water to the glass. Turn on your Dremel and slowly let the rolling bits touch the glass. Keep on sprinkling water or even submerging your glass on the tub slightly as you continue grinding. Once you are satisfied with the task, turn off the Dremel. 

Wash The Glass

After the grinding process, the glass will have dust particles and grit. Before using it, wash the glass thoroughly once you are through. You can fit it accurately in your desired spot. 

Clean The Dremel

You can’t leave the Dremel with the glass dust. One way of extending its life is by cleaning it after every use. Check the owner’s manual and read on how to clean your Dremel. You will also know how to remove the bits safely. Never try to remove them while the Dremel is on. 

After removing each bit, put it safely in the case to avoid losing it. Imagine misplacing one bit and maybe you had borrowed the Dremel. That will be the unnecessary cost of replacing the bits. You can wipe the drill using a cloth. What about the Dremel air vent? You will require compressed air to clean it often.


Dremel is a multi-tool that you can use to perform various tasks. Apart from cutting and grinding, you can use the Dremel when sanding and grilling. When grinding glasses, you need to use the right bits. Practice how to put and remove the bits from the Dremel. Don’t use the Dremel before understanding the instructions in the owner’s manual. Safety is vital when using Dremel. When grinding, put on sunglasses and sturdy gloves and apply water to your glass in the entire process. After you finish grinding, you require washing the glass well since it will contain glass dust. Again’ once you finish with the Dremel, clean it thoroughly.

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