What Is The Difference Between Grinder and Sander?

Welcome to the world of tools and machines. Here you may find a different kind of tools that you require to solve any of your purposes. Some of them seem similar to each other, still they have many differences. If you need a tool especially to give sharpness to any metallic tool, fineness to any wooden surface, the two things that come to your mind- a grinder and a sander. Generally, most of you don’t have much idea about the differences between these two power tools. In this article, I am going to catch most of the aspects of these two and try my best to provide all the relevant information from the best of my knowledge so that you can easily find out what are the differences between grinder and sander and hopefully it will help you to decide which one of them you need.

What is A Grinder?

If you need a tool that can be used for cutting, crushing, brushing, and sanding on the surface of the floor and in some cases on the wall, then the name that may come to your mind, is a grinder. It works efficiently to provide you the desired result. Not only that, this can be used on metal or wood as well. Two types of grinders are commonly used for different purposes. They are-

Angle Grinder

These types of grinders are equipped with a rotating disc at the bottom. There are different types of discs you can fix with the grinder. Some of them are for use with metal and others are for wood. You can use this grinder for cutting or polishing. The angle grinder comes with a removable side handle and it is either corded or cordless as per your requirement.

Bench Grinder

This type of grinder is different from the previous one. This kind of grinder is equipped with two grinding wheels on both sides. This grinder needs to be fixed steadily with a bench or some other solid objects. This grinder is powerful enough to repair different kinds of sharp tools, such as screwdrivers, knives. Moreover, you can smooth a welded joint; even you can remove paint from a surface. 

What is A Sander?

A sander is a kind of power tool that works for sharpening, giving sharpness as well as fineness to different types of surfaces. Mostly it is used on wood to remove paint. But on a metal perhaps you may not get the best result out of it. 

Exactly like grinders, you may find different types of power sanders, such as belt sanders, palm sanders, and random orbit sanders. A belt sander is a kind of belt-typed version that rolls around a pair of drums while the other two work using square and round sandpaper pads respectively.

After having an introduction now it is high time to find out the differences between the two.

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Grinders vs Sanders: The Differences

Although, some people could not differentiate between the two, but the fact is, these two power tools are very different from each other in features and functions as well. Let’s find out-


This is probably the point that helps you to separate the two things. The angle grinders come with a wide variety of rigid discs attached to the bottom of the tool. Each of the discs is designed for specific projects. 

On the other hand, the sanders are mainly referred to as sandpaper belts and sandpaper pads. Apart from the belt sander, the size, and grit of the pad depending upon the type of sander you’re using. If it is a palm sander you need bigger and for the orbital sander, a smaller one is fine. The angle grinders have much more variety comparing to the sanders.


These two power tools are applied for different materials. Where the grinder is extensively used on the metals, there the sanders are mostly working on the wood. Grinders are mainly used for sharpening, shaping, even repairing the metallic tools whereas sanders work to give the wooden surfaces a smooth finish, and also to remove the paint and polish.


Power sanders serve only one purpose-sanding, doesn’t matter if you’re working on woodwork or metalwork. But as for the grinders, they can be used for different purposes, such as cutting or stripping metal. Even a grinder can be used for sanding and polishing if you fix the right disc. Therefore, when it comes to versatility, grinders are always ahead of sanders.


If you think of precision then sanders are always performing better than grinders. For example, if you go for removing old paint from a metal surface, using a sander always gives you a smoother finish. But if you go with a grinder, unless you’re a skilled person, it may leave rough marks and uneven finish which is not affordable. But if you think of timing then grinders will go one up in this point.

Safety Measure

As both are power tools you have to be careful always while using any of them. Having a rigid high-speed rotating disc makes an angle grinder more dangerous compare to a sander if you’re a little careless while working. Besides, it creates many sparks and you have to wear gloves for protection. On the other hand, sanders might be less dangerous but it creates a lot of dust, and you have to use a mask for protection.

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After following all the factors, now you have to judge which one would be better than the other. Though it is not possible as they are two different things, Instead you have to consider the job you need to get done and then you can decide which of them suits you better.

In my opinion, both of them are worthy enough, so it would be best for you if you keep both of them, who knows which of them, comes useful and at what time. If you’re the kind of person who loves to engage himself in all types of work, then your toolbox should be well equipped with most of the tools for sure.

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