Compact Router vs Full-Size Routers

Compact Router vs Full-Size Routers

If you’re going for a war your arsenal should be loaded with different types of arms and artilleries, unless you cannot put up a fight against your enemies. The same thing can be said for those who run a workshop no matter in which field, require different types of tools and machines to make their creations possible. Today we’re going to discuss such a tool that is very essential for woodworks. It is called a wood router.


If you’re a professional wood craftsman or making wooden pieces is your hobby then despite having varieties of tools, still, you need a special one that can do all of your vital jobs single-handedly and that is a wood router. It is a kind of tool that can be used to cut the wood into the measured pieces, give the wood into a particular shape, and even trim the wooden materials neatly, without putting much effort, and of course in very little time.

Not only for wood, but there are different types of routers available that can be applied on plastics, metals, and some other materials too. This machine is extensively used for making a chair, tables, staircases, or some other type of wooden craftworks.

Although, there are different kinds of routers are seen but today I’ve picked two types of them for discussion to provide you the much-needed information about them from the best of my knowledge. They are- compact routers and full-size routers. Let’s move ahead with taking these two.

What Is A Compact Router?

Suppose you’re a woodworker and you have a small place in your workshop so that you need tools that can be adjusted there. A compact wood router is a kind of small and light tool that can be handled easily even it can be carried anywhere quite comfortably. This tool is perfect for certain kinds of works and its advanced ergonomics preferred by most users. With the support of a 1-1/4 hp motor, it can generate enough power so that you can use it for different decorative jobs and some other joinery works. As it is a small and hand-held tool, you can set it on the table to do your job quite easily. Besides, the compact router is popular among woodworkers for its low cost and less maintenance.

What Is A Full-Size Router?

If you are looking for a heavy-duty router that can take an extra workload, then you must go with the full-size router. If you are in a woodworking project where different units are working together for a turnkey job then having a compact router often doesn’t fit the bill. In that case, owning a full-size router would be the best option to achieve the target. From the capacity of anything between 1-4 hp, these types of routers generate the amount of power that you can use for a random purpose or bulk jobs at one go.

Compact Router vs Full-Size Routers

After having some gross ideas about these two types of routers, now it is high time to find out the differences between them in various aspects so that it would be easy for you to choose the right one following your requirements. Let’s go.


At this point, you can easily see the difference as the first one is smaller rather than the later one. A compact router is a hand-held tool that can be placed anywhere especially when your workshop is not specious enough; even it is good if you have to move it in a narrow area of any surface. On the other hand, the full-size routers are bulky and take a larger space to set. You may select any of them depending on your needs.


Since the lower-duty compact router is a smaller type of tool, the horsepower rating would be 1-3/4 and the amount of power it generates is enough what kind of job the tool is capable to do. On the other hand, the full-size routers are heavy-duty tools so that their horsepower rating would be anything around 3-4 so that they can take much workload to perform a large number of jobs.

Types of Works

A compact router is precisely used for the decorative jobs of smaller volume such as edge profiling, curving, groove cutting on the doors, drawer fronts, dado finishing, etc. All these works are done with a perfect finish using a compact router. On contrary, if you have a project with multiple kinds of woodworks and that also in a maximum volume where different types of creations have to be finished within a scheduled time, then you have no way left but to choose the full-size router so that you can deliver the whole things in time. Comparing the type of works these two performs, it can be said that a compact router is the best tool for beginners while full-size routers are a good choice for the experts.


The difference in cost between these two perhaps is not a secret. As the compact one is smaller in size with less capacity so obviously its cost must be lesser than any of the full-size routers. Besides, the maintenance cost of the first one also much lower compared to the later one. Therefore if you want to own a budget-friendly tool, then a compact router is much ahead of the full-size routers.

After following the vital features of these two and also seeing the differences between them, now it is time to 

DEWALT DWP611 Router

If the quality of a tool is your priority, then your search must have an end with this product that comes from a company DEWALT with a reputation of quality and you can keep confident in him.
This lightweight, portable, and smaller compact router are popular among woodworkers for its excellence in edge profiling, flush trimming, etc. The speed of the rotator of this router varies between 16000-27000 rmp and its electronic speed controller helps you to adjust the speed as you need. Even its soft start motor protects the device from burning.
It follows the clamping and depth ring mechanism that helps the router to stay in a fixed and locked position. Having an LED light at the base allows you to watch the thing that is going on. This tool comes in both plunge and fixed bases. Both of the bases are good for the jobs that you need to do, such as edging and trimming. This is an ideal router for those carpenters who use to work in a smaller workshop.

DEWALT DWP611 Router

If you need to have a heavy-duty router and that also from a reputed brand which is well known for its quality and excellence, then this is definitely for you.
The 12amp motor can give enough power to perform the cutting and edging smoothly for a longer period. It means it is capable enough to take the workload. The adjustable speed setting allows you to control the speed (8000-25,000 rpm) as you require. The fixed base feature of this device provides it the strength to remain unmoved while it is on run. Even you can adjust the height of it as you need.
The wide opening at the base helps you to follow the condition of the workpiece while you’re working on it. Besides, the soft grip handles at both sides help you to hold the device strongly during the work is on.

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Final Verdict

Following all the aspects of these two kinds of routers, even the two brands of routers, one thing is as clear as the daylight, that you cannot judge them according to their size and the types of works. It is your requirements that make you choose one of them. Even some of you may go with both. The choice is yours. Bye!!

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