[Top 10] Best Auto Paint Gun for Beginners

Best Auto Paint Gun for Beginners

In this article we aim to help you find the best auto paint gun for beginners. Auto paint spray guns are becoming very popular with home users, having become established in workshops all over the country, and there are many reasons why you might want to learn how to use the best auto body paint gun.

Restoration of vintage and classic cars is a hobby that has always been popular, and thanks to the availability of modern and easy to use paint guns, you can now give your treasured vehicle a respray in your own garage. Or you may want to paint up new panels for fitting to the car, and this is another area in which the paint gun is a major bonus.

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Comparison Table of Top 10 Auto Paint Gun

REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer1000 mlCheck Price
Neiko 31215A HVLP Air Spray Gun600 mlCheck Price
Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System400 mlCheck Price
REXBETI 700 Watt High Power Paint Sprayer1000 mlCheck Price
Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Paint Sprayer1-5 GallonCheck Price
TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun Set1000 ml, 150 mlCheck Price
Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 HVLP Paint Gun900 mlCheck Price
TCP Global Brand Hvlp Spray Gun1000 mlCheck Price
HomeRight HVLP Paint Sprayer39 ozCheck Price
3M Accuspray Spray System22 ozCheck Price

Top 10 Best Auto Paint Gun for Beginners

1. REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer

First on our list – which is presented in no particular order – is this model from Rexbeti. It is a typical HVLP paint sprayer so is a good starting point. This is a 500 watt model, and it is of the type that has the paint reservoir attached. This may or may not be to your liking, but is favoured by many users for convenience. The reservoir is a 1000ml capacity item – that’s not a bad size – and the gun itself weighs just 3.75lbs, making it easy to handle.

The gun comes with three different nozzles – 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm – and is adjustable for three different spray patterns which are horizontal, vertical and circular. You also have the advantage of full control of the spray output so you can alter the thickness of the coat to suit.

Key Feature

The Rexbeti Ultimate comes with a 6.6ft power cord which means you can easily move around the item you are painting without the need to unplug and reset.

This is a model that can handle many different types of paint, including latex and chalk paints, and would be great for painting furniture, walls and other surfaces. It does have the advantage of not needing a compressor, which is a bonus.

It is well priced and has been bought by a lot of people, but there are some concerns about quality, wastage of paint and difficulty to use, so perhaps one for occasional use rather than as a workshop workhorse.


  • Convenient attached reservoir.
  • 1000ml paint capacity.
  • Lightweight.
  • No compressor needed.
  • Plug in and go.
  • Great for use around the home.


  • Perhaps not for serious car restorations.
  • Complaints about paint wastage.
  • Instructions hard to follow.

2. Neiko 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

This hvlp spray gun for painting cars is one of the gravity feed devices, with a nice metal finish and a cup for the paint that holds 600cc. It is perhaps the first one on the list that would be entirely suitable for use in a car workshop, and comes from a brand that is well-known for making quality items of this kind.

To use this, you will need a decent air compressor and the correct hoses – which you should have if you have a basic workshop set-up – and it comes with a pressure gauge and the standard hose connections. The advantage of a gun set-up such as this one is that you get more ability to get into the tight spaces – it’s designed for such use – which makes it more usable in an automobile setting, where you might need to spray at awkward angles.

Key Feature

The quality all-metal construction of this paint sprayer gun means you get longer life than with more perishable plastic models, and it is better placed to take the knocks it will get when used in a workshop setting.

This gun is fitted with one nozzle and comes with no others, but it is a 1.7mm nozzle that is specifically designed for metallic use so is perfect for automobile panels and other such items. You also get no fewer than 3 adjustable controls for the spray function, so it can be adjusted very precisely indeed.

It requires 40 PSI of pressure to run and works at an output pressure of 10PSI, and it is supplied with a cleaning brush as well as a wrench for attaching the various hoses. It may not be the best for beginners, but with plenty of practice it could be an ideal choice for car projects, and is a very sensible price for a quality gun.


  • Quality steel build.
  • Gravity feed.
  • Precise spray adjustment.
  • Nozzle perfect for metal.
  • Well-priced.


  • Needs a compressor.
  • Requires hoses.
  • Holds just 600ml.
  • Single nozzle only.

3. Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 – Gravity HVLP Spray System

This model comes from one of the giants in the field, Fuji, which has many product lines and is known for quality products. This is by far the most expensive so far, but what you get here is not just a professional-standard metal gun but also a separate turbine in a metal case.

The gun itself has a 400cc paint cup attached to it for gravity feed, and while this is a smaller amount than seen so far, it does mean the gun is very compact, light and easy to handle. It also comes with all the hoses required, specifically a 25-foot long hose from turbine to gun which means you can get just about anywhere without the need to move the base unit. There is also a finely adjustable valve control for reduced overspray.

Key Feature

The all-in-one combination of gun, hose and turbine means that this is a gravity-feed paint sprayer with everything in place and ready to go, and the compact nature of the gun itself coupled with the long hose gives you added movement around the workshop.

The gun comes with a 1.3mm nozzle in place, and you can also purchase additional between 0.8mm and 2.0mm if you wish. The turbine motor itself is a 1400W device which should be adequate for workshop use, and the variety of paint it can take includes all you need for auto work.

The nozzle can be adjusted for pattern, too, and once you get some practice in this is an easy to use professional-standard paint gun. However, we need to come back to that price, which is little high, and therefore a lot of outlay especially if you already have a compressor in your workshop.


  • All in one unit.
  • Turbine powered.
  • No compressor needed.
  • 25 foot hose.
  • Adjustable spray pattern and power.


  • Expensive.
  • Only one nozzle supplied.
  • Very small paint capacity.

4. REXBETI 700 Watt High Power Paint Sprayer

Another from the Rexbeti range – see the first on the list – and this is a bigger version of the one we have already looked at. The difference in the main is in the 700watt motor that powers this one, which is more powerful than the previous model. The design is very similar to the smaller one – it even comes with the same 1000ml reservoir for the paint – and it is complete with the same controls, and again we would suggest that this is a household device rather than one for automotive body paint.

This model comes with full adjustable flow control and an internal turbine – no compressor is needed – and has a 6.6ft cable so you can get a reasonable distance from  the power point without an extension. It’s designed to be easy to use and has adjustable spray pattern too, and weighs around 4lbs, which is quite heavy for one of these.

Key Feature

The most appealing feature of this handy paint sprayer may be the fact it comes with four nozzles, which are 1.5, 1.8, 2.2 and 2.6 mm, and this selection should be able to handle any thickness and type of paint that you wish to use.

This design is very user-friendly and would make it the best automotive paint gun for Beginners, yet we feel it’s perhaps worth paying more – it’s very sensibly priced – and buying a more ‘professional’ model if it is spraying cars that you are intending.


  • Ease of use.
  • 1000ml reservoir.
  • Plug in and go.
  • 4 x nozzles.
  • Fully adjustable.


  • Some complaints about quality.
  • Just 6.6ft cable.
  • Perhaps not great for cars.

5. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum range is widely used by professional body shops and car restorers, and this model is one of the most popular. It differs to all of those that we have already looked at in many ways, not least the fact it comes attached to a handy cart with wheels, which is great for moving around the workshop. It is not a cheap item, but it is a very impressive professional level paint sprayer that we believe you should take a look at if you are a serious user.

The power unit itself – this is another with its own air-generating turbine that does not require a compressor – is mounted on the trolley frame, but there is no reservoir for paint. Instead, you put the paint in a bucket and it is syphoned directly from there by a hose. This is a clever idea but not one that is favoured by all users.

Key Feature

The cart design that this Graco Magnum paint sprayer uses is a clever touch, and allows you to physically move the entire paint sprayer including its turbine around the workshop or room that you are working in with ease.

The pump that provides the paint spray is stainless steel for long life, and the device can be fitted with as much as 100 ft of paint hose if required (it is supplied with a 25 foot hose which should be more than adequate). This is a professional-standard device that is designed for a wide variety of uses, but is it suitable for auto use? We say there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be, but there may be others better for the purpose.


  • Professional standard.
  • Cart for movement.
  • 25 foot hose supplied.
  • Adjustable paint nozzle.
  • Built-in turbine.
  • Powerful.


  • No reservoir attached.
  • Customer complaints of clogging.
  • Single nozzle supplied.
  • Perhaps best for home use.

6. TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun Set

This is a different concept in comparison to the above: instead of offering one spray gun that has an interchangeable nozzle, TCP Global instead provides three separate spray gun attachments, each with a different sized nozzle. Is it worth looking at? Well, this is not the cheapest option by a long way, but it does mean that rather than fiddling around with tiny nozzle tips, you simply unscrew the gun with the wrench provided, and attach the one you want.

These are all-metal spray guns of a decent quality that come colour coded for ease of use, and across all three you can find one for any type of paint you want to use. The guns are simply that – spray guns with paint reservoirs attached (two with 1litre cups, the other – for detail work and a much smaller gun – with a 150ml cup) to which you attach a compressor cable.

Key Feature

The three different guns are intended to make moving between nozzle sizes and types of paint easier, and also mean that you can fit a new gun without having to clean out the one attached and fiddle about changing the nozzle.

These guns come with a full cleaning and accessory set and are suitable for auto use with a good compressor. They are supplied with the wrench to unscrew and refit them, and are easy to clean too. When the price is taken into account – you can find them at low price – we think this is a decent option and one for the shortlist.


  • 3 x guns supplied.
  • Colour coded for nozzle size.
  • Comes with wrench.
  • Cleaning accessory kit.
  • 1000ml reservoir.


  • Need compressor.
  • Need hoses.
  • Perhaps a lot of messing around to change.

7. Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-67 HVLP Paint Gun

This model from Devilbiss is another of the gravity feed models, and features the gun, reservoir and nozzle. It requires a compressor and the hoses to go with it, and is very nicely made with a quality look to it. The maker claims their ‘4 series’ – of which this model is one – offers the ‘latest in enhanced atomization technology’ which should mean a fine and adjustable paint spray. Indeed, customers are generally impressed with this, with ‘Wow’ and ‘Great’ being frequent comments.

It comes with three nozzle caps that are easy to change – these being 1.3, 1.5 and 1.8mm – and is also supplied with a pressure gauge for safety and so you know you have the right air compression for efficient operation. The gun itself is just 1.5lbs in weight so will  be easy to handle, and is fitted with a 900cc paint cup, which is a decent size.

Key Feature

The Devilbiss Finishline 4 comes with fully anodized finish throughout so the internal passages, often susceptible to clogging on poor quality designs, should remain trouble-free and be east to clean, plus all components are high-grade stainless steel for longevity.

The air caps and nozzles on this one are precision made for accuracy and longer life, and it features a fully adjustable air flow for variable coatings, and should be capable of spraying any paint. This one is certainly worthy of consideration for the paint shop as it is a quality item.


  • Anodised for long life.
  • Quality item throughout
  • Three nozzle heads
  • Very light
  • 900cc paint cup is adequate
  • Latest technology


  • Needs compressor.
  • Needs air hoses.
  • Some complaints about leaking air.
  • Quite expensive but professional standard.

8. TCP Global Brand Professional Hvlp Spray Gun

Another from the TCP Global brand, which offers a variety of items in this field, this is labelled ‘Professional’ and the maker clearly states it is perfect for auto body pain use, that puts it on our list. This is a gravity feed gun with attached metal paint cup – in fact, the whole set up is metal and quality too – the cup being aluminium for added weight saving. The weight of the item is 2.9lbs, which is quite a chunk for one of these but acceptable.

The paint cup capacity is 1litre, which is about the maximum for a device such as this, and you need to supply the compressor and the hose for the air to drive the spray. Fully adjustable spray control is easy to handle too, and this model can handle any paint type. However, there is only one nozzle supplied – a 2.5mm one – which is ideal for finishing but perhaps not for detail.

Key Feature

The all-metal construction of this model from TCP Global, including the aluminium paint cup of 1-litre capacity, makes it an item that should last a long time and easily handle the knocks it may get in the car workshop.

The controls include those for spray pattern, air pressure and fluid control so you have the ability to fine tune to a great degree, plus it is supplied with a wrench and a pressure gauge for safety and ease of use. It’s also a decent price, and certainly one for the shortlist.


  • Name brand with good reputation.
  • 1litre paint cup.
  • All metal construction.
  • 3-way adjustments for precision.
  • Suitable for auto paint use.


  • Only one nozzle size included.
  • Need to supply compressor.
  • Need to supply hoses.

9. HomeRight HVLP Paint Sprayer

This is another HVLP model, from the HomeRight range of household products, and it is also another with the attached reservoir. It comes with a cleaning kit, a funnel for filling – that’s a nice touch as it can get messy – and is ready to plug in and go. What we will say is that using a paint sprayer is not instantly easy, and it is advisable to get some practice in before you start on your intended project.

Like the above, the manufacturer blurb implies that, this is a paint sprayer intended for use around the home, rather than a serious one for a car workshop. We can see no reason why this should not be used for minor paint touch ups – perhaps single panels or small areas – but it is perhaps not the best for an automotive project. Once again, having said that it’s popular, and it will be the best hvlp spray gun for cabinets.

Key Feature

The HomeRight paint sprayer is a deliberately simplified design that has all the controls in easy to reach places, and is aimed squarely at the beginner so justifies its place on our list. It’s ease of use makes it a good item for having around the home.

Weighing under 3lbs, this is a very light device that should be easy to use for anyone, and it holds approximately 750ml of paint – not as much as the above, but a reasonable amount. You get full spray control but only a single brass 2mm nozzle, so you need to buy more if you want added versatility.

Customer ratings are generally good and it rates 4/5 overall, which is an indicator we like to check, but there are complaints that it applies only a very light coat and that there is no lock on the trigger, which makes it tiring to use. Great for beginners as simple to use.


  • Easy to use great for beginners.
  • No compressor needed.
  • Weighs under 3lbs.
  • Plug in and go.
  • Spray control.


  • Only one nozzle supplied.
  • Very thin coat according to users.
  • Just 750ml paint capacity.
  • Not for serious auto use.

10. 3M Accuspray Spray System

3M is another giant of a name in this and many other fields, and our last entry is a full kit that is designed to make spray painting easy. It is advertised as suitable for cars, so is right up our street, but whether it’s for beginners or not is another matter. This is another gravity fed device that requires a compressor to provide the air, and you also need to provide the hose for the air supply.

The kit comes with the gun – a quality item in metal with all the adjustments for spray pattern and pressure – plus four interchangeable nozzle heads, these being 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.8mm and each colour coded, plus a range of other accessories including inserts and plugs that adjust the performance in a number of different ways. As it is a 360o paint gun, you can use it at any angle.

Key Feature

The 3M brand is highly respected in the automotive world for a variety of products, and this spray gun set offers the same quality you would expect to find with any of its items, plus a range of accessories that is a sensible addition.

The 625ml paint cup may not be the biggest but should be adequate for smaller jobs, while the atomizing heads are easy to clean and come with disposable filters and replacement items. It’s a good set from a top brand, and although it is not cheap, it’s likely to go on your shortlist.


  • 4 x nozzle heads.
  • 360o Paint Range.
  • Gravity fed.
  • Quality metal gun.
  • Comprehensive accessory package.


  • Requires compressor.
  • Requires hose.
  • Only 625ml cup.
  • Quite pricey.

Features and Factors to Consider when Buying an Auto Paint Gun

What is an automotive spray gun? 

Put simply, it is a device that uses compressed air to propel a fine stream of paint onto your desired surface. The paint is contained in a reservoir that may be integral to the gun itself or may be separate and connected by a hose. You have full control over the strength and fineness of the spray, and the gun may or may not need an air compressor. Used by professional body shops, paint gun is essential for anyone who restores or does up old – or newer – cars and other vehicles.

We will go into a little more detail about some of the important features further on, but before we do, here are the main factors to consider when buying an auto paint gun for beginners:

Which Type of Paint Gun?

In brief, there re two main types of auto paint sprayer: the HVLP –‘High Volume Low Pressure’ – and the LVLP – ‘Low Volume Low Pressure’. We have set aside the differences between these two in a section below as it is perhaps the most important factor, so for now, it’s to do with the amount of air needed to operate them.

Nozzle Size

You can buy paint guns with various different nozzle sizes, this being the item at the sharp end of the tool that the paint spray emerges from. The choice of nozzle size depends on what type of paint you are using, and what you are going to use your paint gun for. A large nozzle will be best for thicker paints – and is usually used for primer where the detail is not important – while smaller nozzles are for finer work, where you want the finish to be perfect. Your spray gun should come with interchangeable nozzles, so you can perform all aspects of the job with one tool.


A gravity feed gun is one that uses little in the way of compressed air, and these are more sophisticated than the other type which is the conventional feed gun. Gravity feed guns tend to more expensive but are more compact and lighter than the conventional models. You’ll get to know more about this when we talk about individual models in detail.

Air Compressor

There used to be a time when every paint spray gun needed a bulky, expensive and noisy air compressor to provide the power; not anymore, as most can be used with smaller and more efficient compressors, and some can even be used without.

Before we get into the meaty stuff and talk about paint spray guns in detail, let’s go back to the HVLP and LVLP differences.

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So, do you need an HVLP spray gun or will an LVLP gun do the job? Here’s the thing: professionals almost exclusively use the High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) models. The reason for this is that they are more efficient at providing a controlled spray – which is essential for a good finish on a car body – and produce very limited overspray. This type of model may even have enough power to be used without a compressor or perhaps with a smaller compressor.

Why would you buy an LVLP gun? This is mainly for hobbyists who are not performing serious spraying, as they do a good job but with less impressive efficiency than the HVLP models. We recommend you talk to a supplier – or even other users – about each type, telling them what you need your spray gun for, for the best advice on which to choose.


Each of the spray guns on the list has its merits, and there is bound to be one for you. If you start by deciding whether you want one that is ‘airless’ – that is does not require a compressor – or one of the traditional type and take it from there, there should be a model for every budget. We hope we have helped you find the right item for you, so enjoy your painting project!Also Read: Heat Guns for Removing Paint

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